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Simek Property Group Multifamily Advisory Group specializes in comprehensive multifamily brokerage services to private and institutional covering all areas of Minnesota.

The highly experienced Stuart Simek, President of Simek Property Group, ensures the highest level of service available. With unparalleled experience, and a hands-on-approach will yield the seller a quiet and confidential sale without numerous disruptions to residents.

How the $ O Commission Fee Process Works


Provide Rent Roll, Financials, Building Walkthru.


Purchase Agreement and Inspection.


Closing w/No Commission!

3 Stages of Readiness

Ready to Sell!

We offer $0 commission since we are a direct buyer, saving you $1,000’s or even $100,000’s!

Crossed my mind…

You’ve acquired a property that needs lots of TLC, but it’s beginning to be more than you can handle. You think you’re stuck!

Don’t let these thoughts stop you from exploring creative options with Simek Property Group! It’s worth a quick phone call to talk privately about your situation.

Not Ready

Stay in touch – add our contact info to your Rolodex and when you are ready to learn more, we’ll be here to help!


Are you thinking of Selling?

We offer $0 commission since we are a direct buyer, saving you $1,000’s or even $100,000’s!

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Sell your Apartment 3-Step Hassle-Free Process

Selling an apartment building is a bit more complex than taking a few photos and creating an online listing. We offer an easy, hassle-free process to make your apartment sale as simple as possible.

  • Evaluating your property
  • Fair Price Agreement
  • 1031-Exchange Eligibility / Pros & Cons
  • Closing with $0 Commission
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Triple Net (NNN) – 1031 Exchange?

We can help you find a triple net (NNN) 1031 exchange to get out of apartment management headaches.

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