1031 Exchanges

The greatest benefits of investing in multifamily are the tax benefits. The 1031 tax-deferred exchange is one of the most utilized methods to maximize business tax strategies exchange. In short, a 1031 exchange allows you to defer taxes over time, building wealth. Instead of sending a check to your government, the taxes are deferred and reinvested into a new property of equal or greater value.

1031 exchanges can be tricky and must adhere to strict IRS guidelines. These transactions are complex, requiring qualified intermediaries, attorneys and accountants. When utilizing a 1031 Exchange, it is essential to assemble the right team of experienced professionals.

Simek Property Group works with apartment owners to establish solid exchange teams. Exchanges happen quickly, and our experts will assist in qualifying your investment for a 1031 exchange.

Even if your situation does not qualify for a 1031 exchange, we’re happy to assist you in the process of selling your apartment with 0% commission.

Are you Qualified for a 1031 Exchange?

Not everyone meets the qualifications for a 1031 Exchange. Contact us to see what you need for eligibility.

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Sell your Apartment 3-Step Hassle-Free Process

Selling an apartment building is a bit more complex than taking a few photos and creating an online listing. We offer an easy, hassle-free process to make your apartment sale as simple as possible.

  • Evaluating your property
  • Fair Price Agreement
  • 1031-Exchange Eligibility / Pros & Cons
  • Closing with $0 Commission
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Triple Net (NNN) – 1031 Exchange?

We can help you find a triple net (NNN) 1031 exchange to get out of apartment management headaches.

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